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98% Open Rate

Text messages average open rate is an amazing 98% while an average email campaign might get you 5%.

90 Second Turn Around

Text messages generate a response in an average of only 90 seconds while email takes at least 90 minutes.

Text From Your PC

Extreme SMS gives you the power of text message marketing directly from your own computer.

6 Figure Campaigns

With Extreme SMS and the training  you'll receive, 6 figure campaigns are not only possible, they are likely.

Features the pros want with the ease that newbies need

 With Extreme SMS you will have state of the art text message marketing software that is easy to use for anyone no matter what level of experience. You can easily create, manage and send text message campaigns whenever you want, wherever you are and experience the success that's been eluding you.

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What good does a killer SMS marketing system do you if you don't have the quality prospects to send your message to?  You can't just go out and buy a list and send text messages. Doing that will land you in a lot of hot water. With Extreme SMS, every outgoing credit you get comes with a high quality, TCPA compliant lead.

1 Credit Comes With 1 Lead

System Loads Your Leads

Completely TCPA Compliant

Lowest Cost In The Industry

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